Commercial Lead Paint Compliance and Testing Services

Do you have a commercial building is that is being demolished or undergoing a large renovation? Areas of lead-based paint (LBP) may be disturbed or generated for disposal.

This brings into account several issues, including employee exposure, worker safety under OSHA regulations, and hazardous material disposal under EPA. These issues can easily be managed with a preliminary lead paint inspection followed by custom consulting services. Knowing what you are dealing with in a project of this nature can eliminate future problems whether they are legal, regulatory or health issues.

Employee exposure to lead paint dust and debris can be a very sensitive issue, whether the exposure is real or feared by employees near the work area. A determination of the presence or absence of LBP prior to the work can either eliminate the concerns or help develop a containment plan to assure employees are not exposed.

OSHA has numerous regulations that apply to the protection of workers exposed to lead paint. Much of the OSHA regulations deal with worker blood testing, respiratory protection and protective gear and clothing. It makes sense to determine if LBP is present and whether these precautions are necessary.

EPA requires that lead paint be disposed of as hazardous material in most cases. A TCLP test (Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure) is conducted to determine if the debris is suitable for disposal as construction waste or whether it must be treated as hazardous material. In a well managed demolition project, a decision must be made to either isolate lead painted components from the main debris pile or mix all debris together. This can be a very costly decision if done incorrectly. When lead painted components are isolated into a small pile, the costs are controlled. When they are mixed with non-lead debris and this much larger pile fails a TCLP test, then the whole pile is disposed of as hazardous material. The difference in cost can be tens of thousands of dollars.

LeadSafe Environmental Services, Inc. has been conducting commercial lead paint testing and providing consulting services for large and small scale projects since 1992. Our extensive experience can make sure your commercial renovation or demolition project meets the standards of today’s regulations, and health and safety issues.