Apartment Complex Lead Paint Inspections

Call LeadSafe Environmental with the specifics of your apartment building -- we'll let you know how to get in compliance quickly and easily.

Keep yourself “In the Know” without alarming tenants.

As a landlord or property owner, you have many questions and concerns regarding getting an apartment tested for lead paint. We are often asked if the results will be reported to the state and if tenants will have to move out. Massachusetts and Rhode Island both keep databases of all units tested. The list is kept for several reasons, mostly involving compliance issues, preventing illegal deleading and to have a central listing of lead-safe housing. The database has not been used for following up after voluntary inspections.

In other words, the state has not made a practice of conducting spot checks to see if compliance has been achieved. Inspectors are not required to report if children reside in the units tested, so the state cannot determine if landlords are in violation of the lead law or not. There are tens of thousands of housing units currently on the database, and hundreds are added each month. The states have a mandate to follow the cases of poisoned children and do not have the manpower to monitor private, voluntary inspections.

Legitimate concerns over the presence of lead paint in the apartment can raise questions from tenants. We have been working with landlords and tenants for over 20 years and can provide both you and your tenant objective hazard assessments, and in most cases, simple means for correcting the hazards. For some methods, tenants only have to be removed from the apartment for the day, but for most work they would have to be relocated until after the deleading has passed clearance testing.

Risk Assessments: Temporary and Inexpensive Compliance

In Massachusetts, a Risk Assessment can be the easiest solution for many apartment units. Rather than replace all the woodwork or conduct extensive remodeling to achieve full compliance, sometimes a little touch up painting can get you a compliance letter good for up to 2 years! Very few inspectors are specially licensed that can provide this specialized compliance letter– But We Are!

In Rhode Island, testing only 5% of the units in a large apartment building can get you qualified for a Presumptive Compliance letter that is good for the whole building.

Call us with the specifics of your apartment building and we can let you know if you would qualify.