Lead Compliance for Home Buyers and Sellers

A Painless Process for Real Estate Transfers

The Lead Disclosure Law

Federal and state laws require that buyers of property constructed after 1978 be given an opportunity to test for the presence of lead paint. This is normally done within 10 days of signing the Purchase and Sales agreement. If a lead paint inspection had already been conducted at a property, the seller is required to provide the report and any compliance documents to the buyer.

Sellers are NOT required to delead a house prior to selling it. It has always been the obligation of the buyer to do so if children under age six are to reside in the house. We have access to state databases of inspected and deleaded homes in Massachusetts and can help you track down old inspection reports and compliance letters. Give us a call; maybe we can save you the cost of another inspection!

Why an Objective Lead Inspection is Good for Buyers and Sellers

Many issues are assessed when a home is bought or sold, and for young families lead paint is among the more important. Of course, to the seller any issue that may impact an offer is critical, especially in the current real estate market. Lead paint inspections are generally conducted at the request of buyers, but more often sellers include the inspection in the preparatory stages of selling their home.

An objective inspection is important because it will provide both buyers and sellers with unbiased assessments of lead paint. Buyers can better understand the treatment methods and extent of deleading, while sellers will have an opportunity to correct violations beforehand and avoid any adverse price negotiations from buyers.

Part of conducting an objective inspection is using the most objective equipment. And, by all accounts, that would be the portable XRF Analyzer. With none of the guesswork associated with qualitative chemical tests, you would have the most accurate field results available.

Portable Lead Paint Analyzer

We Provide our Clients with the Best Advice

With the experience gained in over 10,000 inspections and thousands of deleading projects, we can find an array of solutions for most deleading projects. We evaluate options that effect cost, appearance and effort and provide you with straight forward solutions for your particular project. In many cases, simple renovations are all that is necessary to make the home lead-safe or achieve full compliance with the lead law.

And, if the project needs the skills of a licensed deleading contractor, we can provide referrals to competent and reasonably priced professionals in the area.