Lead Compliance Consulting for Architects and Real Estate Developers

Neil LaFrance specializes in the needs of real estate developers, architects and architecture firms.

A Preliminary Lead Paint Inspection can save your project time and money.

Lead Compliance Consulting for Architects and Real Estate DevelopersWe Specialize in Building ConversionsWhen planning major renovations or remodeling, especially in historic buildings, conducting a preliminary lead paint inspection is prudent. This will alert the architect or real estate developer to lead paint issues that can be better addressed before work begins. This is especially true when some components will be left in place or when abrasive methods of paint removal will be used.

A labor work stoppage due to concerns over lead paint contamination can be avoided. The issues surrounding disposal, regulatory compliance and worker safety can be planned for in a more effective manner than dealing with an urgent need at perhaps the worst time.

We focus on customized solutions.

The quality of our consulting is as important to us as your unique project is to you — That’s why we approach each job individually. We examine the characteristics of the project and how these can impact lead law compliance and your desired outcome. From pre-demolition surveys in commercial buildings to renovation of historical buildings into residences, we work to determine first where the lead paint issues are, and then how to work with your individual needs to still meet regulatory requirements.

Over the last 20 years, our staff have produced workable solutions for some very complicated situations; including the decontamination of interior firing ranges during a labor dispute; abatement and clean up solutions for a historic mill building conversion; and, numerous projects involving large scale waste disposal.

We Don’t Guess, We Test!

One of the more costly mistakes non-professionals make when thinking about lead paint is that all old paint is lead paint. This assumption leads many people to automatically remove and replace ornate woodwork with newer, usually less decorative, stock. Since lead paint was the most expensive paint, it wasn’t always used. Here’s a little industry secret- if a painted component has a varnish base, then it is likely that layers of paint on top of the varnish are lead-free.

By thoroughly testing each component with an XRF instrument, we determine if it really is coated with lead paint. There is no guessing and no unnecessary removal and replacement, thus allowing you to make a better informed renovation decision. While many lead paint inspectors still continue to use unreliable chemical tests (because they cost pennies to use), we have invested in the best field testing method available – the X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer, despite costing thousands of dollars — that is the cost of doing it right.

We can guide you through the maze of lead compliance.

Whether your needs are to gain eventual compliance for residential units or to make sure that federal disposal and worker safety issues are addressed, we can help. With over 20 years in the industry, we have encountered almost every construction scenario involving lead paint, and we keep abreast of changing regulations so our clients don’t have to.