Lead Compliance Services for Engineers/ Engineering Firms

Lead paint inspector Neil LaFrance specializes in testing and compliance for engineers and engineering firms.

Quick and Professional Results for your Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

Instead of collecting just a few paint chips for an Environmental Site Assessment, spot checking numerous components with a portable XRF lead paint analyzer can determine the presence or absence of lead-based paint on hundreds of surfaces. This gives the engineer a much larger database of information to truly measure the impact of lead-based paint at a property.

The inspection cost is very low in comparison to paint chip analysis. For example, a fairly thorough lead paint inspection that includes testing a couple of hundred representative surfaces may cost about $400. Taking that many paint chips to gain that amount of information would cost well over $2000. And our turnaround time is usually only 48 hours.

Our XRF instruments measure lead in seconds, so we can test many surfaces and prepare professional looking, concise reports that can be merged into the final Site Assessment report. Here is a sample of a report style that shows the overall positive or negative percentage of common components:

We Customize Our Reports and Save You Time

If you have a specific format you would like us to use, submit it beforehand and we will send over the results in that format so no additional re-formatting is necessary. Most of our clients merely attach them in an appendix.

With over 20 years in the industry, we know what to look for and where to find it during an Environmental Site Assessment. Contact us and let us help you raise the quality of your site assessments.