Lead Paint Testing for a Commercial Project

The Halstead at Slatersville Mill

Lead Paint Case Study: Rhode Island Renovation

The Halstead is a set of three historic mill buildings constructed The Halstead at Slatersville Mill, Rhode IslandLead Paint Testing Rhode Island width=in the early 1800s and located in Slatersville, Rhode Island. The facility has recently been converted into approximately 240 modern, luxury apartments and has achieved 100% conformance with Rhode Island’s lead mitigation laws.

The special tasks involved with this large project were to work with the developer, architect and general contractor to:

  • manage and properly dispose of lead debris created from abrasive blasting;
  • develop strategies to comply with Rhode Island’s lead mitigation laws while maintaining as much of the original and historic interior finishes as possible; and
  • insure that adequate clean-up of the finished apartment units was accomplished.

These tasks were made more difficult by the fact that many of the interior brick walls and wood ceilings were once coated with lead-based paint but needed to remain exposed to achieve the unique look of this residential facility. Together, we explored and tested several treatment options that included sealing the painted walls and ceilings with clear epoxy coatings which both maintained the look they were trying to achieve and also made the paint lead-safe.

Afterward, LeadSafe developed a custom cleaning protocol utilizing new, lead-specific cleaning products and conducted extensive dust wipe sampling to confirm that lead dust was not present. At the conclusion of the project, LeadSafe provided the owners with a “maintenance plan” so that staff could conduct their own annual inspections for lead paint violations and maintain their compliance with the Rhode Island lead mitigation laws.