Lead Paint Compliance for Real Estate Transfers

Quick and easy solutions for real estate transactions.

Complying with Federal and State Lead Laws

For houses built since 1978, federal and local laws require that the buyer is allowed to test for lead-based paint within 10 days of signing a Purchase and Sale Agreement. When lead is found, the Lead Disclosure Law states that it is the buyer’s obligation to remove the lead if children under age six are to live in the house.

Call Us First

Before you have your inspection, we can check if the house has already been inspected in the past. Ask the seller to provide reports and compliance documents from any previous inspections that were done. LeadSafe has access to state databases of inspected and deleaded homes in Massachusetts. We can help you track down old inspection reports and compliance letters. Maybe we can save you the cost of another inspection!

An Objective Lead Inspection Benefits All

For families with young children, knowing whether lead paint is present is very important. And if you’re trying to sell your home in today’s real estate market, it’s best to know up-front if there are any issues that could prevent a sale. It’s becoming increasingly common for a seller to include lead compliance reports at the outset of a deal.

Both buyers and sellers want an inspection without bias. Buyers can learn what they need to do for the deleading. Sellers get the chance to correct lead violations, helping to reduce the uncertainty for buyers and make the home easier to sell.

Test with the Most Objective Equipment

Qualitative chemical tests involve some guesswork. Instead, LeadSafe recommends and uses best tool for the job: the portable XRF Analyzer. This high-quality inspection tool will provide you the most accurate field results available.

We Provide our Clients with the Best Solutions

LeadSafe has conducted over 10,000 inspections and thousands of deleading projects. From this experience, we will supply you with the custom advice depending on your situation. We consider cost, visual results and effort required and give you straight answers. In many cases, simple renovations are all you need for full lead law compliance and to make the home safe. Or if you decide you need a licensed deleading contractor, we can provide referrals as well.